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  • Megh Agarwal

    Megh Agarwal

    Incoming freshman at the University of Toronto. Founder, developer, designer of Pustakdaan. Experienced web developer. Interested in research (AI, ML).

  • Frank Stepanski

    Frank Stepanski

    Engineer, instructor, mentor, amateur photographer, curious traveler, timid runner, and occasional race car driver.

  • Osha Groetz

    Osha Groetz

    Software Engineer. A new addict of ReactJS & Javascript, CSS & APIs, with a little dabbling in Ruby, Ruby On Rails…

  • Sergey Pochekutov

    Sergey Pochekutov

  • Israj khan

    Israj khan

    React Native Developer | Software Engineer

  • Collins Bilal

    Collins Bilal

  • John Pereira

    John Pereira

    Interested in doodads and thingamabobs. Likes beer, programming, reading and gaming in no particular order. Still can't drive a car.

  • Trey Huffine

    Trey Huffine

    Founder of skilled.dev and gitconnected.com - Passionate for helping developers grow their careers. @treyhuffine

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